South Africa’s Philanthropist Acts Of Generosity

After working abroad for a number of years, Quinton Van Der Burgh, an entrepreneur with his finger on the pulse of business, returned to South Africa to further pursue his career in mining and investments and head up Burgh Group Holdings.

Van Der Burgh is grateful for the success he has earned and worked hard for, he is very aware of his fortunate position and with this, believes the most important part of success is sharing it and helping those less fortunate, but in a sustainable way.

The QVDB foundation supporting those less fortunate

The QVDB foundation which is the CSI arm of Burgh Group Holdings is an integral part of the company that Van Der Burgh invests a lot of time and effort into.

Van Der Burgh believes CSI has become a formal and recognized part of corporates within South Africa , he says “Forcing companies into unfamiliar spaces will simply entrench a “compliance” mind-set and encourage fragmented and ineffective thinking. In saying this, it is important for companies to give back within their parameters; have a dominant presence within their own, familiar communities- through holistic and sustainable interventions.”

Van Der Burgh believes the QVDB Foundation is the soul of his business, fighting above its weight, to provide long-term solutions to the socio-economic bills of South Africa.

The QVD Foundation is made up of the following initiatives:

1. Generosity Water

Van Der Burgh started supporting the Generosity foundation several years ago, Well-developments and combatting the worldwide water crisis. Generosity is more than just bottles water. Founded in 2008, the mission was to help give clean water to 750 Million people in the world that live without water.

Van Der Burgh along with the QVDB foundation have managed to raised money through various events, races, partnering with local and international celebs and business leaders to raise awareness for the cause. Van Der Burgh has taken it upon himself to further that mission throughout SA and Africa with building wells in South Africa’s water stressed regions and doing so out of his own good standing for Generosity.


To date they have been able to fund 650 water projects in 19 countries, serving 700 0 00 people, Van Der Burgh will not stop until everyone has access to clean water.

#ActOfGenerosity #PayMyBills

This is assisting families in combating their financial burdens. This is one of the most recent initiatives launched at the end of 2017. Around 20% of South Africans have money left over at the end of the month.

The #ActsofGenerosity campaign wants to try and make it a little easier for south Africans living with debt, by paying off selected participants debt and assisting families in combating their financial burdens.

Not only does Van Der Burgh pay of debt from his own pocket, but he also provides families/individuals with a more sustainable solution by giving them financial advice and tools to use so their financial situation can improve in the long-term.

Mining Divisions

This division focuses on the social & general upliftment of our neighbouring communities.

Van Der Burgh believes developing a strategic approach to greater responsibility and sustainability requires research, engagement and the correct implementation. In an emerging economy, it creates jobs; improves infrastructure and contributes to the economy.

Most importantly, giving back is the ethos behind the QVDB Foundation; as it creates hope for our people, and he urges more South Africans to follow suite.

The advantages of investing in charitable initiatives

Corporations need to consider the various advantages of investing in CSI initiatives, such as the attraction and retention of investors, investors putting money into companies want to know their funds are being used properly. CSI can also assist corporates in return by improving their public image, and assist in building a reputation as a responsible business, which can in turn lead to competitive advantage.

Investing in CSI as a company will also boost employee engagement, nearly 60% of employees who are proud of their company’s social responsibility are more engaged at their jobs.

Furthermore it increases employee creativity. Employees who know their employer is committed to bettering communities feel a stronger connection to the company, workers also feel more inclined to be productive and creative.

It also promotes individual philanthropy, when employees notice the company they work for is involved in charitable endeavours, they play follow the leader and begin to engage in their own philanthropic activities.

Involvement in community leads to corporate success

Van Der Burgh believes that a large majority of the countries success relies on the involvement of corporations in their communities. Big businesses hold a large amount of economic power and ae in a position to make positive change when it comes to the many challenges South Africa faces.

Van Der Burgh says “we should all ethically be compelled to support the disadvantaged of our society, this country and its people have all contributed to my success and I feel it is my moral obligation to return the favour, In doing so, I hope I inspire others that can to do the same”.

For more info about the campaign follow @QVDBFoundation on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram or visit

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